The partnership of Newlux & PARUS

Dr Park & Justin @ Cultivate 15Founded in 2005, Newlux has been a pioneer in the horticulture lighting sector and were the first company to introduce Electronic HPS Lighting to North America. With their deep roots in the professional horticulture sector, in 2010 they decided to focus exclusively on horticultural LED Lighting. After 3 years of trials with different manufacturers, Newlux made the decision to shift 100% of its focus onto PARUS LED lighting.

With a shared passion for Horticulture and a desire to continuously improve LED technology, Newlux and PARUS formed a special level of communication and a strong working partnership.

PARUS was founded in 2003 and have been the driving force responsible for the vast improvements in Horticulture LED technology over the past decade. PARUS is Korean company with strong core values, and hard working principles that are driven by passion and innovation.

New ideas are changing the World

Newlux & PARUS now offer more LED growing solutions than any other company. Our partnered focus is to offer the highest quality of proven LED Lighting with top level knowledge, support and service.

Because of partnered testing at research centers around the World, great advancements have been made in relation to LED Lighting and crop growth. Grow cycles are shortened, plants are healthier and growers are experiencing significant energy savings. Quite simply put our research is dedicated to growing a better quality / better-tasting crop.

With great advancements in LED Lighting, Newlux and PARUS are proud of our relationship and remain committed to the development and advancement our LED lighting products.

PARUS Light Development