Why are LED’s pink unlike the old HPS fixtures I am used to?
LED’s only use the colours in the light spectrum that a plant needs and therefore are more efficient by not producing anything extra.

I heard LED’s are expensive, what advantages do they offer over my old HPS?
The best known benefit is power savings but there are many more.  Better cropping times, better taste, large plants / produce, lowest mounting heights in the industry, smaller foot print, lower maintenance, less heat, dimming capabilities, customized spectrum…phew! The list goes on….

I am used to my TL lights and they do a good job, why look into LEDs?:
Complete control over your crop, dimming capabilities, power savings, low maintenance.

How much can I save using LED’s?
30-60% power savings are realistic.

There are a lot of LED’s out there, why choose Newlux?
Newlux LED’s are backed by years of research and crop testing.  Our products are designed for growing plants, nothing else.  We’ve done the research necessary to provide the solutions no matter what crop you are needing to provide supplemental light for.  We have more LED growing solutions than any other company.

Can I get expert advice from Newlux?
Yes, we can provide supplemental lighting advice and offer a solution that works for your needs.

I want to grow vertically and fit as many levels as possible with my building height, how can you help with this?
We customize our cone spreads, beam angles and lens to mount as little as 10 inches above the crop (crop dependent) while maintaining a good uniformity.

Do you have an LED to replace the HPS in my greenhouse?
Yes we do. We can replace a 400W – 600W fixture one for one and provide better light for plant growth.

Do your LED’s have UL or CSA approvals?

Wireless control sounds great, can I get that type of control?
Yes, we have several wireless solutions available but sometimes a wired solution works just as well.

I have an existing climate control system, can I control your LED’s with my software?
Yes and dim them from 1-100% using a low voltage signal from your control system. We can also provide our own software and control.

I am a consultant helping my customers apply for energy incentives and grants, can you help or do you have experience with that?
Yes, let us know what you need.

I want LED’s but I also need growing tables, equipment, irrigation etc… can you help with that?
Yes, we can provide a complete growing solution and the expertise to make it work.

What type of lighting or grower expertise do you have?
Our in-house experienced grower consults, tests, and works with customers to find practical results that work for their needs. Our manufacture only supplies grow lighting and nothing else.  They also do their own product testing, growing and crop spectrum customization.

If I have a problem, will you stand behind your product?
Absolutely. We are here for the long run and support all of our customers long after the sale of any product. We fix, replace or find a better solution – there is no other way to support a customer.