COB 350 Active Cooled High Bay Fixture

COB Active Cooled LED High Bay Fixtures

The COB LED high bay fixtures are the most powerful LED fixtures for green house and indoor cultivation. They deliver up to 200% of the Par value with 50% of the energy consumption compared to HPS lighting. Their high intensity and effective wavelength increase your production yields with overall energy savings.

The standard COB fixture can be used for all phases of growing, can be customized with specific light recipes. The COB LED high bay fixture is active cooled and supports dimming control.  The level of light intensity can controlled and dimmed by groups or individual unit.  Wireless programmable application control is optional.

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Water-cooled LED Greenhouse Fixtures

COB Water Cooled LED Greenhouse Fixtures


The COB Water-cooled LED Greenhouse Fixtures are high output, research designed, LED Greenhouse Fixtures. Featuring an industry leading 1661 PPF, the COB 350 & 700 are quickly becoming the growers choice!

The COB Series Greenhouse Fixtures are superior LED Fixtures that promote healthier plant growth with higher yields.

Various types of lenses are available to match specific crop requirements and mounting heights.

1 COB 700 WC = 1 – 1450 watt HPS Light

1 COB 350 WC = 1 – 700 watt HPS Light

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