COB Active Cooled LED High Bay Fixtures

The COB LED high bay fixtures are the most powerful LED fixtures for green house and indoor cultivation. They deliver up to 200% of the Par value with 50% of the energy consumption compared to HPS lighting. Their high intensity and effective wavelength increase your production yields with overall energy savings.

The standard COB fixture can be used for all phases of growing, can be customized with specific light recipes. The COB LED high bay fixture is active cooled and supports dimming control.  The level of light intensity can controlled and dimmed by groups or individual unit.  Wireless programmable application control is optional.

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COB 350 Active Cooled High Bay Fixture
  • ► Energy efficient and long life greenhouse fixture.
  • ► Higher PAR value over HPS fixtures.
  • ► 100 spectrally tuned micro LED “per module” (300 on the COB 350 & 400 on the COB 700)
  • ► 3 (COB-350) or 4 (COB 700) optically tuned fish eye glass lenses.
  • ► Optimal design & Easy installation.
  • ► Small footprint, high power LED fixture.


COB 350 Active Cooled High Bay Fixture

► Power Consumption: 350 – 680 watts.
► Free90~305VAC,47~63Hz, Option Hi-Voltage ~528VAC
► Efficiency: 228 µmol (Distance 1000mm) / 354 µmol (Distance 1000mm)
► Lamp Angle: 60°,80°,90°,120°,140°
► Safety design: UL, cUL, CE, EMC, LVD


COB 350 Active Cooled High Bay Fixture
  • ► Efficiency 95%, PFC >0.98
  • ► PPF 1661, PPF/W 2.52
  • ► Universal AC – Standard 85~307VAC, Hi-Voltage 180 ~ 528VAC, 47~63Hz
  • ► Glass lenses, not plastic
  • ► 100,000 hrs cooling fan life with auto protection.
  • ► Energy savings of 58% & increased crop growth.
  • ► Specific LED spectrums can be selected: RBS, RBC, RBW.


COB Series RBC Spectrum
RBC Spectrum
COB Series RBF Spectrum
RBF Spectrum
COB Series RBS Spectrum
RBS Spectrum
COB 350/700 Active Cooled High Output LED Light
  • Replace 1 for 1, 750 and 1300 watt HPS.
  • Innovative energy savings – High performance with low energy consumption. (52% energy consumption compared to HPS).

  • Wide applications – Suitable for general plants such as Lettuce, Herb, Tomato, Paprika and Cannabis.
  • General purpose – Can be used for both Growth and Flowering phases.
  • Highly effective heat sink – All aluminum fixture, active cooling.
  • Special glass lenses maintain a specialized high quality of light.
  • Low power consumption.
  • High PAR value delivery.
  • Wired or Wireless control.
  • Easy installation.
  • Available models: COB 350 & 700.
Product Model Name PGL-RA-150 PGL-RA-250 PGL-RA-350 PGL-RA-700
System Power Consumption 150Watt 250Watt 350Watt 680Watt
Dimension(LxWxH) W260mmxL170mmxH160mm
Packing(LxWxH) W340mmxL250mmxH220mm W390mmxL250mmxH220mm W480mmxL250mmxH220mm W700mmxL250mmxH220mm
Weight 4.9 Kg(10.8lbs) 6.7Kg(14.7lbs) 8.2Kg(18lbs) 14.1Kg(31lbs)
Power AC input voltage range Free90~305VAC,47~63Hz, Option Hi-Voltage ~528VAC
SMPS mode ( ballast ) DC Current Design(CC.CV Doul Mode)
Protection Short circuit, Overload, Over voltage, current
Power Factor Over 95%, PFC >0.98
LEDs Ratio(R:B:O) RBS(9:0.5:0.5), RBC, RBF
Light source Hi-Power 700mA LED
Total number of LED’s 100pcs 200pcs 300pcs 400pcs
Used LED Hi-power Grow LED
LED Control Single, Group Local/Wireless Control Single Control / Wireless Control
Group Dimming, Wireless Control, Automatic PAR Dimming
LED Wavelength, Dimming, Time, Pulse Contril
Heat Sink Heat Sink Type Active Cooling
FRAME Metrial Body Silver Color Aluminium
PCB Metal PCB(aluminium)
Heat conduction 2.0 w/m.k
Thermal resistance 0.20 °C/w
IP Class IP55
Efficiency PPFD 88 umol
(Distance 1000mm)
157 umol
(Distance 1000mm)
228 umol
(Distance 1000mm)
354 umol
(Distance 1000mm)
Ambient Temperature Storage Temp. -30°C ~ 85°C
Operation Temp. ~35°C
Angle Lamp angle 60°,80°,90°,120°,140°
Life time Over 50,000hr
Safety Standard UL, cUL, CE, EAC, EMC, LVD
Warranty 3 year (3 year)