High Density Plant Propagation LED Chamber

Maximize your plug quality and production with easy control of cost and light quality.

The Newlux LED Lighthouse is designed for the grower that is looking to maximize plug quality and production. It features adjustable controls over both intensity and power, giving you the flexibility to speed up or slow down production. The Lighthouse along with the number of LED bars can be fully customized to meet the needs of your shelf or rack specifications. The light bars are also fully height adjustable including swivel functionality to ensure perfect coverage.

The Newlux LED Lighthouse truly maximizes your growing space. Capable of housing 15,000 to 25,000 plugs (crop dependent) in less than 20 square feet of greenhouse production floor space, it’s a great space and energy saver for any propagator.

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  • ► Space and energy savings for any propagator
  • ► 0-450 Micro-Moles with proven light recipes
  • ► 15,000-25,000 plugs in less than 20 square feet of greenhouse growing space (plant dependent)
  • ► Adjustable control over intensity and power
  • ► Control by speeding up or slowing down production
  • ► Proven spectra for strong rooting
  • ► Low power consumption
  • ► Customizable for cart sizes
  • ► Delivered completely assembled: plug-in and grow
  • ► 110 Volt Power (90-305 Voltage AC)
  • ► Misting bars included
Model Number: PPS
System Power Consumption 1280 Watts (RBS1200mm x 20pcs)
Dimensions ( L x W x H ) 54.41” x  35.28” x 84.65” ( 1382mm x 893mm x 2150mm )
Weight 65kg approx.
AC Input Voltage Range Free Voltage 120~220 VAC, 277 Hz
SMPS Mode ( Ballast ) DC Current Design( C.C. Mode )
Protection NTC, Short Circuit, Overload, Overvoltage
Power Factor Over 95%, PFC > 0.95
Light Source Hi Power PG LED
Used LED 2~3 Watt ( Double Wavelength )
Heat Sink Type Water Cooling by Free Air Convention
Body Aluminium
PCB Metal PCB ( Aluminium )
Heat Conduction 2.0 w/m.k
Thermal Resistance 0.2 ˚C/w
IP Class IP67 – Waterproof
PPFD 270 umol m-2 s-1
Water Spray Mist Nozzel, 96 pcs Double Side
Water Usage 4.2 litres / min ( @50 psi )
Storage Temperature -30 ˚C  ~ 85 ˚C
Operation Temperature ~35 ˚C
Lamp Angle 60˚
Life Span Over 50,000 hrs
Saftey Rating CE, EMC, LVD, UL
Warranty 3 Years