PFLi Water-cooled LED Bar

Our PGL-PFLi Water-cooled LED bar is a high intensity water-cooled LED light bar. It's industry leading technology is the most efficient solution for various types of urban farming systems. The PGL-PFL WC has proven light spectrums and is available in standard, control and far red (RBC, RBS, RBF).

The PFL WCi can be used for all phases of growing including: seedling, growth and flowering. The PGL-PFL water-cooled is an excellent choice for the grower that is looking for a high intensity light with maximum efficiency.

The PGL-PFLi WC comes in 2', 4' 6' and 8' lengths.

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PFL-i Water-cooled LED Light Bar
  • ► Energy efficient and long life water-cooled LED grow light.
  • ► Wide range of applications – provides a light recipe which is suitable for general plants such as Lettuce, Herb, Tomato and Paprika.
  • ► Professional water-cooled LED light with very effective light recipe for plants.
  • ► General purpose – It can be used for all phases of growing: seedling, growth and flowering.
  • ► High efficiency water cooling
  • ► Optimal design & Easy installation.
  • ► Perfect for multi-layer systems & vertical farming.


PFL-i Water-cooled LED Light Bar

► Power Consumption : 40~120 Watt(B type)
► Free voltage 90~264VAC, 50/60Hz
► Lighting : LED Grow Light – Linear (PPF 250μmol @200mm H)
► Lamp Angle : 30/ 45/ 60/ 90/ 120°
► Size : L 600/ 1200/ 1800
► Safety design CE, LVD, EMC

► IP Class : IP65


PFL-i Water-cooled LED Light Bar
  • ► Energy savings of up to 85% compared to fluorescent lamps.
  • ► PPFD of up to 25% compared to other LED grow lights.
  • ► Universal AC Standard 85~307VAC, Hi-Voltage 180 ~ 528VAC, 47~63Hz.
  • ► Efficiency 95%, PFC >0.98.
  • ► 100,000hr lifespan.
  • ► Safety Design CE, LVD, EMC, UL, cUL, EAC, IP65
  • ► Single dimming, Group dimming, Wi-Fi control.
  • ► Adjustable LED spectrum – RBC.
  • ► Specific LED spectrums can be selected: RBS, RBF, RBC, RBW.

PFL Light Spectrums

Newlux RBC Spectrum
RBC Spectrum
Newlux RBF Spectrum
RBF Spectrum
Newlux RBS Spectrum
RBS Spectrum

*Please note custom spectrum orders can be requested.

Product Model Name PGL-PFL-i 600 PGL-PFL-i 1200 PGL-PFL-i 1800
Power Consumption 40 Watt(600mm, B type) 80 Watt(1200mm, B type) 120Watt(1800mm, B type)
Dimension(LxWxH) 1200mm x 70mm x 42mm 1200mm x 70mm x 42mm 1800mm x 70mm x 42mm
Packing(LxWxH) 1350mm x 110mm x 90mm 1350mm x 110mm x 90mm 1950mm x 110mm x 90mm
Weight 1.5kg 2.85kg 4.25kg
Power AC input voltage range Free voltage 90~264VAC, 50/60Hz
SMPS mode (PSU) DC Current Design(C.C Mode)
Protection Short circuit, Overload, Over voltage
Power Factor Efficiency ≧90%, PFC ≧0.9
LEDs Spectrum Ratio(R:B:O) RBS, RBC(1200mm)
Heat Sink Heat Sink Type Water cooling + Cooling by free air convention
Body Aluminium water cool design
PCB Metal PCB(aluminium)
Heat conduction 2.0 w/m.k
Thermal resistance 0.2 °C/w
Heat Value BTU/h
Water Cooled @25°C
Efficiency PPF (μmol/s)
RBS Spectrum Standard
96 193 290
PPF/W (µmol/j) 2.42/RBS, 2.32/RBC, 1.87/RBF
PPFD (µmol m-2s-1)
RBC(c type) Spectrum Standard
520 µmol m-2s-1(measure the distance 200mm)
320 µmol m-2s-1(measure the distance 300mm)
235 µmol m-2s-1(measure the distance 400mm)
183 µmol m-2s-1(measure the distance 500mm)
Control Dimming Control Single Dimming, Group Dimming, Wi-Fi Control
(Please refer to “Color dimming controller”)
Pulse / Duty rate 400μs / 0~100%
IP Class IP54 complete protection against contact, Water projected in powerful jets against the enclosure from any direction shall have no harmful effects.

Option : IP65

Ambient Temperature Storage Temp. -30°C ~ 85°C
Operation Temp. ~35°C-Cooling by free air convention, ~50°C-Water Cooling
Angle Lamp angle 90°(option 15°, 30°, 45°,60°, 120°)
Life time Over 50,000hr, Water cooling 100,000hr
Safety CE Standard CE, EMC
Warranty 5 years 5 years
Model                       Multi-layer Led Grow Light Dimensions(mm/inch) Weight
L1 W1 H1 P1 (gr/lb)
PGL-PFL-i 600 600/23.62 67/2.63 44/1.73 500/19.68 1073/2.36
PGL-PFL-i 1200 1200/47.24 67/2.63 44/1.73 500/19.68 2145/4.72