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NewLux Modern Horticultural Lighting

Product design

The newest most effecient Electronic Ballasts and cutting edge LED designs from Europe, Asia and Canada deliver efficient, targeted, productive lighting for home growers of herbs, to commercial suppliers of Tomatoes and Cucumbers and natural products year round.

Newlux products are designed with the goal of producing the maximum amount of PAR (photosynthetically active radiation) delivered to the crop as uniformly as possible in the most economical way. We use industry standard HPS (high pressure sodium) and metal halide lamps, combined with modern electronic ballasts and high quality metallized aluminum reflectors to achieve these goals.

Site planning & installation

Newlux’ design process is essential for achieving a successful lighting system.  We use professional light planning software to make precise calculations to suit your needs. Whether you need lights for daylight extension, photoperiodic flower forcing, vegetable production, or propagation, our experienced professionals will use factors specific to your crop, your greenhouse and your electrical system to make an accurate light plan. We will make sure you have all the parts you need for a successful, stress-free installation.


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